Motorhome & RV Storage

in Melbourne, Victoria

We Offer a Safe and Secure Storage Environment for Your Motorhome or RV!


Melbourne Secure Storage provides undercover motorhome & RV storage – indoors & protected!


“We are located 10km from the Melbourne CBD” – SO CONVENIENT!

Melbourne Secure Storage is the storage facility to use to ensure your Motorhome or RV is safe and ready to go on your next adventure. Choosing to park in your backyard or driveway will expose it to damage from the elements of weather, insect infestation, damage or even theft. The best way to protect and secure your Motorhome or RV is by parking with our undercover, indoor storage facility. Professionals will not just monitor and protect your vehicle, but will also offer extra services such as free battery charging and engine running to ensure your vehicle is prepared for the next time you use it.

Melbourne Secure Storage are happy to assist you with any EXTRA SERVICES you require including; cleaning, maintenance, repairs, airport transfer & 24hr access. Discuss your requirements with us!

What Our Customers are Saying

“Every aspect of this facility is first class. The premise is located close to the city centre, modern, clean & commercially unassuming which enhances the security systems created outside & internally to protect the considerable assets within. The very high level of service provided by the staff comes from both their individual skills & collective wish to look after the customer. It is rare to find such an entity in today’s world where I felt that the care of my Motorhome extended to me as a person. Well done M.S.S.”

Ronald Bennie

New Zealand

What is the Difference Between a Motorhome and RV?


Motorhomes, campers, recreational vehicles (RVs) and caravans are generic terms that are usually used interchangeably to mean the same thing. When used casually these terms all refer to a vehicle that comes with some of the amenities that you would expect to find in a typical home, such as beds or cooking areas. Some are self-driving while others may have to be towed behind a truck or vehicle.

Beyond the casual use these terms actually refer to different classifications of vehicles. Understanding the differences is important if you are to determine the proper classification of your own vehicle for purposes such as insurance and storage.



These are self-driving homes that come with different amenities typical of a regular home. They are classified differently depending on the specific amenities and the size of the vehicles as follows;

Class A motorhomes – are the largest motorhomes and have full kitchens, living rooms and cockpits. They can also come with several slide outs which can be used to increase or expand the space inside them. They are the most expensive of the motorhomes.

Class B motorhomes – have many of the same amenities as the class a motorhomes except they are smaller, more compact sizes and are much more affordable. They are the most commonly used and will usually be able to accommodate 2 to 3 travellers at a time.

Class C motorhomes – these range in size between 20 to 40 feet and are best described as a midpoint or cross between class B motorhomes and the class A motorhomes.


Caravans or Camper Trailers

Simply known as campers or trailers, these are best described as mobile homes that are pulled along by hitches attached to SUVs, trucks or minivans. They are popular because of their versatility which means that when you’ve found the right place to park your trailer you can free up the tow vehicle. The most common examples include;

  • Fifth wheel trailers
  • Popup trailers


Truck Campers

These refer to small camping units that can be slid on to the bed of standard pickups and ride there. They can equipped with some of the amenities of small popup trailers such as toilets, kitchen and shower or it could just be a single bed inside there.

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