Indoor Storage is the Best Solution for Storing a Caravan in a Safe & Secure Environment!


Melbourne Secure Storage provides undercover caravan & vehicle storage – indoors & protected!


“We take care of your valuable asset.”


Caravans are unbeatable for hitting the open road and this is one of the main reasons why their popularity is rapidly increasing. With a caravan you get to enjoy home comforts with fantastic scenery of your choice but you cannot live in your caravan forever! At some point you will have to consider where you store the caravan.

You could always choose to park the caravan outside but this is not advisable long term. Weather elements such as rain, wind and too much sunshine can inflict significant damage both to the outside and the inside of the caravan. Not to mention the caravan could be vandalized or even stolen if left outdoors for too long.

Melbourne Secure Storage is the premium undercover caravan storage facility in Melbourne, Victoria. Sealed concrete floors guard against insect infestation. One of the main advantages is the high level of protection and security ensuring nothing can happen to your vehicle. The facility has 24 hour security and CCTV cameras along with a fire protection system and on-site manager.

Our Melbourne location is within 10km of the CBD with easy access to Westgate Freeway, Western Ring Road and Princes Hwy. Located close to the ring road our clients find travelling from Melbourne’s northern suburbs, west and eastern suburbs convenient.

Preparing Your Caravan for Storage


Whilst choosing a caravan storage facility is a great idea, it is important to remember that not all the responsibility for caring for the caravan lies with the facility. There are some things that you can (and should) do before taking your caravan to storage. This helps to ensure the condition of the caravan is maintained for your next holiday. They include the following;

  • Clean out the refrigerators and leave their doors open for fresh air circulation
  • Clean all the toilets and empty the toilet cartridges in the caravan
  • Open at least one air vent and leave it like that for free air circulation
  • Empty all the water tanks and turn off all the gas lines. This is particularly important if you are going for long term caravan storage – it could also help you save significantly on your utility bills


Melbourne Secure Storage are happy to assist you with any EXTRA SERVICES you require including; cleaning, maintenance, repairs, airport transfer & 24hr access. Discuss your requirements with us!

Melbourne Secure Storage are your premium providers of caravan storage in Melbourne