Secure Car Storage

in Melbourne, Victoria

A Personal & Professional Storage Solution for Your Motor Vehicle


Melbourne Secure Storage provides short or long term car storage!


“We guarantee a safe, dry environment for your pride & joy.”


Melbourne Secure Storage offers you a professional solution for storing your classic car, prestige, vintage or sports motor vehicle. We understand your passion and will go that extra mile to provide the same care that you would give but with the added bonus of high security in a convenient location central to Melbourne.  

Our secure facility has CCTV, monitored alarms, fire systems and 7 day on site management to provide you with the personalised service you expect. Location and access are restricted to clients only – no public access.

Call us for a chat on 1300 086 916 or complete the contact form to discuss your motor vehicle storage needs.

We offer Long Term Storers (12 months) a free dust cover, battery trickle charge (if required), tyre pressure check and engine turnover once a month on request. 

Melbourne Secure Storage offers a dry, undercover storage option for all types of cars. Our staff are happy to assist you with any EXTRA SERVICES you require including; cleaning, maintenance and repairs. Discuss your requirements with us!

Points to Consider for Long Term Motor Vehicle or Car Storage


We suggest that you consider the following points when storing your classic car, vintage, prestige or sports motor vehicle for a long term:

  1. Set a reminder to renew your registration when it falls due.
  2. Advise your Insurer of change of “garaged” address.
  3. Ensure your motor vehicle has been serviced – renew oils, coolant, transmission and brake fluid.
  4. Clean filters and ensure that everything is in working order. Oil hinges of hood, doors and boot.
  5. Fill your motor vehicle with premium fuel (not an ethanol blend) – this will eliminate condensation forming in the tank. If storing for extended periods consider a fuel additive.  
  6. Give the car a thorough clean –  exterior and interior – removing all food, dirt and rubbish. Do not use upholstery or vinyl conditioners as these may sweat or stain over time.
  7. Leave windows slightly open for ventilation.
  8. Disconnect battery if storing for more than 6 months – always refer to owner’s manual for recommended precautions. Consider using a trickle charger or, if being professionally stored, have the engine turned over once a month.
  9. Deflate tyres (10psi) to allow rubber to relax if storing for more than a few months – this prevents cracking and flat spots.
  10. Cover motor vehicle or classic car completely (including exhaust tail pipe) with a fabric that allows air to flow through and allows moisture to escape.  
  11. Arrange to have the vehicle inspected every few months.


Melbourne Secure Storage are your premium providers of short & long term car storage in Melbourne