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in Melbourne, Victoria

Indoor, dry storage is the best solution for storing ANY boat in a safe and protected environment


Melbourne Secure Storage Provides Dry, Undercover Boat Storage!


“We provide an indoor, safe haven for your vessel.”


Owning a boat in Melbourne can be more than just a simple luxury but a way of life. This is understandable considering the abundance of waterways in and around the city which provide a unique and fun experience for people with boats. 

Unless you live on your boat, you will want to make sure that it is safe, protected and properly cared for. Melbourne Secure Storage is arguably the best dry and undercover storage facility for boat owners in Victoria.

Melbourne Secure Storage offers both long and short term options, valet services, and monitored CCTV cameras at our central, easy access location in inner Melbourne. Many of our clients appreciate the opportunity to wash out their engines on our hardstand area before they are valet parked indoors.    

Melbourne Secure Storage offers dry, undercover storage option for all types of boats. Our staff are happy to assist you with any EXTRA SERVICES you require including; cleaning, maintenance and repairs. Discuss your requirements with us!

Types of Recreational Boats in Melbourne


Given the interesting and varied landscape of waterways in Melbourne, it is to be expected there are also many different types of boats that venture these waters. Choosing the right type of boat is determined by the intended purpose. If you are an adrenaline junkie then you will probably want to look for something with more speed and power. On the other hand, someone who loves to go fishing would be better suited by a vessel with an open cockpit. The types of boats that are commonly found in Melbourne can be divided into three broad categories as explained below.

Cruising Boats

These are boats that are designed for people who love to entertain on the water and take cruises to different ports. They can be small or very large and may have enough features for a day cruise or more for a month at sea. Some of the common features include bedrooms/cabins, a cockpit, bathrooms and kitchens.

Fishing Boats

As you might expect, these are boats that are used for both recreational and commercial fishing expeditions. They usually have larger deck spaces which are created by open cockpits at the stern making it easier to fish. Larger boats can have sitting spaces and cabins for overnight stay but the smaller ones usually have the essential amenities only.

Watersports Boats

These boats are designed to be thrilling and are usually built for speed and power. Most have towing capabilities but they are intended for single time use and not for overnight accommodation.


Boat Ownership Regulation

Although the laws in Victoria concerning ownership and operation of small boats are not very stringent, it is important to be aware and comply with boating law. Most important is that masters of powered recreational boats in Victoria must have a Marine License. The law covers all types of paddle crafts (including canoes & kayaks) and sailing boats that have been fitted with motors. For more information regarding a Recreational Boat Licence click here.

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